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The Warwick Women's Summit

In 2018, a group of societies at Warwick joined forces to organise the first ever university-based Women’s Summit in the United Kingdom: the Warwick Women’s Summit. Featuring inspiring talks by successful women from a wide range of careers, the aim of the Summit was to bring the power of sisterhood to campus. The event attracted 100 participants, and we raised £854 through ticket sales for Baala Project and Women For Women International.

At Warwick Women’s Careers Society, we believe that supporting each other can be a catalyst for change – and that celebration of the past is the best way to empower the future. Given the success of the first Summit, we now prioritise this event each year, aiming to constantly improve it for the benefit of our members.


The day is comprised of an array of guest speakers, giving our members the opportunity to attend workshops, panels and breakout sessions, each offering invaluable advice for success.


This Summit is just one example of how powerful we can be when we collaborate, and is part of the reason why Warwick Women’s Careers Society values their partnerships so greatly, whether it be with companies or other societies on campus.


If you are interested in finding out more about the Summit, please take a look at the pages concerning previous years. Equally, if you would like to partner with us for the Summit, feel free to contact us through the link in the menu bar.




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