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The Team

Meet The Team


Jenny Guo

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Presidential Team 

Raghvi Methi

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 I’m Raghvi Methi, Co- President at WWCS. I’m third year Management student and a mother of 3 dogs.

Wendy Wang

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 I’m a 3rd Year year Economics student and I enjoy painting during my free time.

Administration Team 


I'm a 3rd Year Economics student, also an avid foodie and traveller. Happy to help anyone out and have a chat, especially to discuss true crime documentaries or recommend the best Chinese food!

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Amandine Cohu


Viktoriia Bogatyr

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I’m a second year Law student from Ukraine. I love gymnastics and Italian food, especially lasagna. I am super excited to work as a part of WWCS and make sure society’s documents, emails, elections are well-organized & overall society runs smoothly.

Often described as a hyperactive-maniac, I’m Neha Rose Roy. Originally from Dubai, I’m currently pursuing a degree in management. In my free time, I love going on long walks, binging tv shows, and listening to indie/rock music.

Neha Rose Roy
External Relations


Isabelle Tomova
External Relations

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I’m a second year International Management student from Bulgaria. I studied at a United World College in China for two years, which left me with a bubble tea addiction!

I'm a second year PPE student. I was a WWCS events frep last year. My hobbies include never missing a Pret coffee from my subscription and partying in Rootes. I have been a competitive figure skater for almost 10 years, despite having only lived in the middle east my whole life. Yes, it's possible, there are lots of ice rinks there!

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Slyvia Zeng
Speaker Outreach Executive

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I'm a 3rd year Law (LLB) and a fun fact about me is that I have been on a 2-week trip to South Africa, which included an animal conservation programme and helping a local school!


I'm a 2nd-year Management with Digital Business student from Bicester. I'm a speaker outreach coordinator for Warwick Women's Summit and am super excited to introduce powerful successful women to fellow students on campus!


Odeta Galminaite
Speaker Outreach Executive

Media and Marketing Team

I am a second year management undergrad at University of Warwick. I am excited to be a part of WWCS as I am devoted towards empowerment of women and bring an Indian cultural identity along with me. I specialise in binge watching FRIENDS/HIMYM or meeting new people.


Roshni Bachani
Deputy Secretary

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Khushi Nichani
Marketing Coordinator

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 I'm the Marketing Coordinator of WWCS, I create content and take care of all our social media platforms. I am a second-year Film and Television Studies student. Being brought up in Singapore, I am naturally a city girl but also a nature lover!

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Famke Van Der Meer
Blog and Website Coordinator

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Malika Mathur
Marketing Coordinator

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Sanjana Nandwani
Deputy Marketing Coordinator

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I'm a second year Economics student, currently living in Abu Dhabi but am from Mumbai. I'm a very outdoorsy person, love camping in the desert and am a certified open water diver.

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Mathilde Cacaly
Deputy Blog and Website Coordinator

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I am from the Netherlands. I am currently in my second year studying History and Politics student. My passions are writing, reading and travelling. In the future, I would like to work in international Security.

Careers and Events Team 


Martta Rissanen
Careers Officer

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Aashna Lunkad
Events Coordinator

Loshini Suben

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I’m a second-year management student and I’m very passionate about tennis! A fun fact about me is that I dislike Nutella.

 I am one of the Events Coordinators this year. I am in my second year studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. My spirit animal is a flamingo and I love oranges!

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I’m a second-year Management student interested in pursuing a career in finance. I’m originally from Finland and in my free time, I love testing out new cocktail recipes and attending LesMills fitness classes!

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Pranjal Jain
Deputy Events Coordinator

Charlotte McComasky
Deputy Careers Officer

I’m a second year Law student at Warwick. This year, I’ll be holding the role of Deputy Careers Officer for WWCS. I aspire to work in Commercial Law in the future and hope to help other female students to achieve their career goals this year!

I'm a 2nd year Global Sustainable Development and Business Studies student. I am the deputy events coordinator this year. A fun fact about me is that I love embroidering jeans!

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