The Team

Presidential Team 

Jenny Guo 


I joined WWCS as the careers officer and I'm currently one of the Co-Presidents. I'm always down for a brunch trip as I'm an avid foodie and traveller. I'm happy to help anyone out and have a chat, especially to discuss true crime documentaries or recommend the best Chinese food!

Raghvi Methi


 I’m Raghvi Methi, Co- President at WWCS. I’m a second year Management student and a mother of 3 dogs.

Wendy Wang


 I’m a 2nd year Economics student and I enjoy painting during my free time.

Administration Team 

I'm a first year PPE student. I was a WWCS events frep last year so I am thrilled to be taking on the role of treasurer this year. My hobbies include never missing a Pret coffee from my subscription and partying in Rootes. Oh, and a fun fact about me, I have been a competitive figure skater for almost 10 years, despite having only lived in the middle east my whole life. Yes, it's possible, there are lots of ice rinks there!

Amandine Cohu


I’m a second year Law student from Ukraine. I love gymnastics and Italian food, especially lasagna. I am super excited to work as a part of WWCS and make sure society’s documents, emails, elections are well-organized & overall society runs smoothly.

Often described as a hyperactive-maniac, I’m Neha Rose Roy. Originally from Dubai, I’m currently pursuing a degree in management. In my free time, I love going on long walks, binging tv shows, and listening to indie/rock music.

Isabelle Tomova 

External Relations

I’m a first year International Management student from Bulgaria. I studied at a United World College in China for two years, which left me with a bubbletea addiction!

Neha Rose Roy

External Relations

Media and Marketing Team

Viktoriia Bogatyr


Khushi Nichani 

Marketing Coordinator

 I'm the Marketing Coordinator of WWCS, I create content and take care of all our social media platforms . I am a first year Film and Television Studies student. Being brought up in Singapore, I am naturally a city girl but also a nature lover!

Malika Mathur

Marketing Coordinator 

Laura Lotkowska

Blog and Website Coordinator

I’m a 2nd year physics student with a passion for making clothes or any DIY in general. You can usually catch me with a book or on a walk with my dog. My goal in life is to speak 7 languages fluently and travel the world with my 30 dogs. 

I'm a first year Economics student, currently living in Abu Dhabi but am from Mumbai. I'm a very outdoorsy person, love camping in the desert and am a certified open water diver.

Careers and Events Team 

Martta Rissanen

Careers Officer 

I’m a first year Management student interested in pursuing a career in finance. I’m originally from Finland and in my free time I love testing out new cocktail recipes and attending LesMills fitness classes!

Aashna Lunkad

Events Coordinator

Loshini Suben

Events Coordinator

I’m a first year management student and I’m very passionate about tennis! A fun fact about me is that I dislike nutella

 I am one of the Events Coordinators this year. I am in my first year studying Philosophy, Politics and Economics. My spirit animal is a flamingo and I love oranges!