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Women In Business


Have you ever wondered how today’s workplace would be without all the aspiring, creative and

hard workers women that are part of it ? Because things haven’t always worked this way. Indeed,

since the early 60’s, it has become quite a major change for women to be part of the work

environment. Even though it would be wrong to say that women only started working as of the 19th century, many fields remained closed to them for centuries, as they used to be mostly associated to the domestic life whereas men were attached to public and work spaces : an old tradition that has ever since remained anchored in some people’s minds. But, nowadays, in the 21st century, what can we say about women’s advances in the workplace and what can we, women, be proud of?

Throughout time, women eventually made their own way in business with innovative inventions

and entrepreneurial businesses. But, this was particularly seen during the second part of the 20th century, as feminism started growing in the society, with women imposing themselves in the workplace, putting an end to the idea that their place belonged at home. Prior to this time, women who were working were considered as non educated, single and desperate to earn money to survive, an idea that needed to be forgotten. So, during World War II in particular, women made the most of the situation : as they were entrenched in the industry at this time, a lot decided to become independent right after and to launch their own businesses as mentalities were changing, and that many men couldn’t work anymore due to traumas or physical disabilities. As the percentage of women in the work industry rose by 10%, they increasingly earned recognition for their work and many female leaders started running the world’s industry in fashion, like Coco Chanel, in business with the entrepreneurial and Canadian Elizabeth Arden, or even in politics for the French Simone Veil.

However, besides many progresses, women’s integration in the workplace doesn’t mean they were equally integrated as men were; and here started another struggle. Sadly, today, the work

environment represents a place of discrimination both for wages and opportunities for female

workers. Too often associated with the family life, people expect women to take care of their

children, so be less available for a demanding work, which closes doors for them. This situation

keeps on encouraging women to continue fighting for their rights and for what they deserve and,

thanks to women’s protests, many new laws arose in different European countries like France,

Denmark and Uk, more and more companies are being sanctioned for non-compliance with women representation inside the company or for non equality of wages between female and male workers.

Thus, women can be proud of what they accomplished throughout the last century and even though reaching out to equality of sexes in the workplace, and other environments, is a long way to go, women are on a good momentum. Moreover nowadays, women embody strength and progress in diverse topics. From influential leaders like Oprah Winfrey, to innovative and powerful females like Chiara Ferragni, the 21st century saw the rise of many female entrepreneurs, leading worldwide companies : the Fortune 500 has more female CEOs than it has ever had. So, to the powerful women reading this article, stay passionate, never underestimate yourself and let your voice be heard and you will become a leader and be part of the history of the unstoppable rise of women in business !

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