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The Worst Kind Of Butterflies

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


Being nervous and anxious is quite normal, especially when it comes to something that matters to you; interviews or assessment centres are a normal procedure in order to secure a job.

Whilst this statement seems quite easy and simple, it can be extremely daunting for some. The fear of rejection, creating the perfect first impression, saying the right thing or dressing the part can all contribute towards our anxious thoughts prior to an interview. Although there are plenty of solutions out there to ease your nerves, I will share my two favourite tricks which have kept me sane during my interviews!

My main remedy for conquering my butterflies is exercise. Whether it is a run round the campus, Warwick Thai Boxing or hitting the gym. It allows me to escape my anxious thoughts for a while, giving me that time and energy to focus on something else. Any form of exercise gives you a natural boost, a sense of achievement and a place where you are able to take your frustration out. By the time I finish exercising, I can only focus on the pain rather than fretting over my interview!

On the bright side, directing your anxious thoughts in that gym will make you physically fit! And, let’s be honest who does not want to look good at any given moment?!

I am also a firm believer of positive affirmations. Sometimes, we get so lost in our anxious thoughts that it makes it hard for us to focus on anything else. So, it really does help to talk to yourself. Perhaps talk to yourself in private rather than in a public space! It is natural to doubt or question yourself prior to an interview or assessment centre but having positive words of affirmation stuck around your room can really help you gain the confidence that you might be lacking. A small post-it-note above the mirror or next to your bed can work miracles! Even a good luck reminder before walking into that interview or centre can ease your mind.

I hope my little tricks will give you the courage to do things differently and help to get rid of the worst kind of butterflies!

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