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Social Media And Recruitment: The Numbers


A survey conducted on behalf of CareerBuilder by Harris Poll shows that 70% of HR managers view their candidates’ social media profiles before hiring them in 2017, rising from 60% in 2016. This evidentially shows that social media screening is increasingly playing an important role in recruitment processes.

What gets you rejected

Carefulness and common sense are essential in the digital world. After passing numerous stages within the job application, such as online tests and video interviews, you certainly do not want to be rejected because of some silly comments you made in your social media.

You might use social media as a place to moan about your life and complain your jobs and employers. Think again! 30% of the employers decide not to hire someone who bad-mouthed their previous employers. By doing this, you may be jeopardising your chances of switching careers and remain stuck with the company you were complaining about!

Secondly, do not post indecent photos and videos as they could be seen by your potential recruiters. 39% of the employers said that they would not hire someone with inappropriate photos.

Furthermore, as morality dictates, do not discriminate anyone for any reasons, even if they seem like casual comments on social media. 32% of employers will reject you for these comments. I think this is quite reasonable as no one wants to work with someone who makes discriminatory comments.

Lastly, if you have a fancy name for Instagram, you might want to consider changing it. I used to use “drugsuns” because it looks cool. 22% of the employer would not hire you (or me) if our screen names are unprofessional. Thus, it might be a good idea to change your username to a more professional-sounding one.

Creating a positive self-image on social media

My first tip is that you must exist online. 57% of employers said that they would not interview candidates if they could not find them online. Be active.

Being professional in your social media profiles may also give you an advantage. 50% of employers are trying to see if the candidates have professional images online and 36% of employers hired someone because of it.

Communication is key in the digital world. 37% of recruiters said that they hired someone as they showed great communication in their social media.

Employers are impressed by well-rounded people. If you mentioned your interests or hobbies in your CV, don’t forget to present these interests in your social media.

In light of these statistics, I have decided on several new year resolutions for improving my social media presence and image. You might find these helpful as well:

  1. Add more photos about cooking. This is how I can demonstrate my creativity to employers.

  2. Add photos about the events I have attended, such as society events and volunteering activities.

  3. Add more details to all my social media. Although I have completed my information on Linkedin, I’d like to add hobbies and interests to Facebook.

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