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Simone De Beauvoir


Simone de Beauvoir was best known as a novelist during her era, but now she is seen as nothing less than a feminist icon. One of her most popular novels, The Second Sex, is no longer just thought of as a text that tackles gender disparity, but is now perceived to be a feminist’s bible. In this novel, she explains the idea of objectification, arguing that in society, the very concept of a woman is a male concept, as he is the subject and she the object. Her pioneering approach to feminism signifies how she was ahead of her time, and it is this progressive attitude that has put her as a significant figurehead for the movement. Aside from writing, Simone de Beauvoir was also interested in existentialist philosophy. As a popular intellectual at the time, she used her platform to her advantage, combining philosophical and literary productivity with real-world political action that led to lasting legislative change. Following in the steps of Simone de Beauvoir, many other writers have since spoken out about their views on gender. In fact, her impact on the movement was so significant that she is now remembered as one of the prominent thinkers of second wave feminism.

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