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Risk: Our Greatest Enemy Or An Old Friend?


I used to believe that taking risks was just about “jumping into the void” without

worrying about anyone or anything. Fortunately, on September 15th , I attended

to the virtual conference of the Nobel price Lars Peter Hansen about “the

Impact of uncertainty & Macroeconomics shocks” and I realized the real

meaning of “taking risks”. It starts with a mathematical background: “the

probabilities that something happens or that it doesn’t happen”, the probability

of success or to fail. However, we apply it in our daily life, mostly without taking

conscious of it.

We take risk when we decide to try a new sport or a new hobby. We take risks

when we decide to do what we are really passionate about and not what others

expect us to do because many people often tend to underestimate us, they

don’t believe that we can accomplish our dreams or simply they think we are

crazy because we dream BIG. However, it is up to us to show them that they

are wrong; not for them but for us.

Many people have underestimated me during all my life. They used to think I

was the “Intelligent girl” but that I couldn’t be a leader. They believed they could

dominate me and that I wouldn’t say anything. They didn’t believe I would study

abroad as I have dreamt. However, they were wrong because I think that I have

accomplished everything I have dreamt and I have put all my effort for it.

My dreams have been from superficial like organising a great party to almost

impossible like being the Class President and saying the graduation speech

when I've never been a big fan of public speaking or being the centre of

attention. However, I believe that I have the best persons to support me, but

also some of the people I want by my side in those moments of uncertainty, fear

or desperation, didn’t support me like a friend who told me once: “Do you really

think you are going to study abroad?” and she looked me with compassion and

pain. I told her: “Yes” and I did it. For me, when someone told me that I can’t do

something, it's like they are challenging me and I love challenges and breaking

stereotypes. For example, two years ago, I had the goal of beating the son of

my dad’s friend in an 8 km race. I was excited and told my dad that this year I

was going to win. She told me that I shouldn’t worry about that because he was

a man, he was thin, sportive and genetically, he would run better than me. I

remember that I felt indignant by his comment and that increased my desire to

win and prove he was wrong. Sincerely, I don’t know how I did but by the 4km, I

passed him and did not see him again until many minutes after my arrival at the

finish line.

That is why since December 20th of 2018, I always tell my dad that if I could

beat genetics; I can do whatever. Obviously, it is more a personal motivation

than something serious. Finally, I want to share with you a typical phrase from

my country which two of my best friends always repeated to me at lunch time:

“who doesn’t take risks, doesn’t win". Honestly, it applies to any area because

there is no effort unrewarded.

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