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Motivation Over The Vacation

Updated: Sep 4, 2020


Do you prioritise making Christmas cookies over writing an essay? Taking a nice warm bath instead of practising your grammar? Or the real enemy: Netflix over absolutely anything university related. If you do any of these things, read on fellow procrastinators, for I am here to give you a few tips and tricks to keep your motivation high and productivity even higher over the Christmas holidays.

Get out of bed

There is no better feeling than a warm puffy duvet wrapped around you. However, push past the cold and get in the shower, or rush to the kettle for a hot cup of tea. You need to get up and out of bed at a reasonable time each morning if you intend to really work over the holidays.

Think of it like this, the more work you do in the morning, the more time you can spend doing things you enjoy in the evenings.

Plan, plan and plan again

Whether you are naturally organised or the most chaotic person in the world you need to be setting goals for yourself each day. Not only will it give structure to your studying, but it will also give you a sense of accomplishment each day, which will in turn keep you motivated.

Get out of the house

Yes, it’s cold outside but just put on some extra layers and face it head on. There is nothing worse than studying in your room, with the presence of your warm, cosy bed lingering nearby. So, get out. Go to your local library, find a café you like. I promise, you will do more work in the two hours you spend focusing in the library, than the 6 hours you spend (claiming to study) in your room.

Take Breaks

We’re all human. It is not good for you to study non-stop for 4 hours (I struggle to stay focused for 1 hour). It’s healthy to take breaks but make them useful. Don’t scroll through Facebook, instead put on a song and have a little dance or watch a motivational video. Tailor it to what will give you energy to keep going.

Get active

No, this does not mean I am telling you to become a marathon runner. Choose an activity that suits you and will get your heart racing. More endorphins = More motivation.

It is so ironic that I am the one giving you tips when it has taken me two weeks to start writing this. I know the struggle. The holidays are difficult with all of the impending deadlines and massive workloads over our heads. This just makes it more important to be patient and understanding with ourselves. Be motivated! But also know that it is okay to take a break with your friends and family. Find that balance.

Here’s to a motivated Christmas and a productive New Year!

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