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Interning At HSBC

Updated: Nov 4, 2020


Hi everyone! I am Nikita Rai, a third year Management with Finance student.

I recently completed my summer internship with HSBC in their commercial banking division. Specifically I was placed under the ‘Global Trade and Receivables' (GTRF) business area.

I am writing this blog to talk about my experience during the 5 weeks to the best of my ability. However, it will be so hard to summarise in this short blog all the excited things I did!

HSBC was extremely proactive when preparing this virtual programme for us. The amount of hard-work and effort put in by the intern team was evident throughout. We had two induction days to help us set up all the relevant technology and meet the rest of the interns to settle in smoothly. However, they actually started hosting events for us and keeping in touch 2 months prior to the internship, that is when I knew this experience would be so memorable!

In the 5 weeks I took the initiative to get involved in as many aspects as possible. I was warmly welcomed by my GTRF team and worked on really exciting projects there. I got the opportunity to attend client meetings as well which was really insightful. The exposure I managed to gain from GTRF is beyond describable. It is such an important and valuable area in the bank and I learnt about some of the trade/invoice financing products but also got some exposure on the front-line with customers.

Beyond my placement work, us interns got involved in a lot of diversity and inclusion/ volunteering related work. We worked very effectively in teams despite the internship being virtual to deliver very useful practical insights on the D&I of the bank. I also took the initiative to liaise with the mindfulness committee to organise events for the interns. These events introduced a lot of the interns to the benefits and wonders of guided meditation and we also had speakers give us advice on how to minimise career stress.

HSBC also arranged lots of speaker events for us and gave us access to their wide platform of tools and resources to utilise in our own time. This blog is just a brief insight into my experience with them in just 5 weeks. The amount of personal development and learning has been extremely steep and I am glad I was given the opportunity.

I would definitely recommend applying to HSBC for their intern or grad programmes and I am happy to speak in detail with anyone that would like to know more or have any questions they want answered about the application process.

It was the highlight of my summer! My email is: and my LinkedIn is:

Good luck to all of you guys applying! :)

If you are interested in applying to HSBC, please use the link below to check out the programmes on offer to students!;282216999;s

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